Our SAPs have been successful in reducing students’ behavioral and disciplinary violations including substance use, helping students get through schools safely and successfully, and improving school attendance and academic performance. This program is beneficial not only to the students but to the staff, family, and the community when students use the supportive services when they need it.
The main focus of our SAP program is on substance and drug abuse and behavioral problems but we also focus on the following areas;

  • Substance abuse (drug testing, assessment and out-treatment)
  • School adjustment problems
  • Trauma generated at school or at home
  • Dealing with academic underachievement
  • Attendance and dropout problems
  • Mental health issues including depression or suicide issues, self-injury, stress and anxiety related issues, grief
  • Family issues including dissolution, homelessness or displacement, family member mental health and substance use disorders, and relationship difficulties
  • Parent or other family member incarceration
    Delinquency and involvement with the juvenile justice system
  • Physical and sexual abuse, violence
  • Dealing with low self esteem
  • Becoming responsible teens
  • Referral services

Monitoring and follow up of student’s progress
Addressing such issues in schools demonstrates that, the school system recognizes, first, that such problems do affect students and, second, that a responsible system of adults must respond and help the students to make better choices in their lives and become better persons in the present and in the future.
Services Offered to Schools:
1) Information Sessions on Alcohol and Drugs: Effects on Adolescents (Free): offered for students and/or parents, and teachers (Nairobi area)
2) Outpatient counseling of students discovered to be using alcohol and drugs (for fee)
3) Outpatient counseling for students diagnosed with a substance use disorder
4) Drug Testing (for a fee) and Counseling for Positive Drug Tests (for fee)