The Public Service Announcements serve as powerful openers for drug education presentations, as well as the perfect introduction to the SAPTA’s series of factual and compelling drug education booklets. This combination has proven to be an effective way to get students interested in learning the truth about drugs and, more importantly, gives them the information they need to make an informed decision to remain drug-free.


No one, especially a teenager, likes to be lectured to about what he or she can or cannot do. Thus, we provide the facts that allow a person to make an informed decision on their own to remain drug-free. The key to the success of this educational program is student participation. To that end, youth are invited to join activities that promote drug-free living—activities proven popular and which can involve students and community members of all ages such as;

  • Drug-Free Youth Clubs
  • Essay and poster contests
  • Distributing The Truth About Drugs

Monitoring and follow up of student’s progress
Addressing such issues in schools demonstrates that, the school system recognizes, first, that such problems do affect students and, second, that a responsible system of adults must respond and help the students to make better choices in their lives and become better persons in the present and in the future.
Services Offered to Schools and Parents:
1) Information Sessions on Alcohol and Drugs (1 or 2-hour talks): Effects on Adolescents (Free): offered for students and/or parents, and teachers (Nairobi area)
2) Outpatient counselling of students discovered to be using alcohol and drugs or behavioural issues (problematic gambling or pornography) (for a fee)
3) Outpatient counselling for students diagnosed with a substance use disorder or behavioural disorders

4) Outpatient counselling for students diagnosed with mental disorders (for a fee)

5) Drug Testing (for a fee) and Counseling for Positive Drug Tests (for a fee)
6) Counselling services for the parents/guardians of the affected children (for a fee)

SAPTA offers longer training (1/2 day, 1 day or more) training for the teachers and parents at a fee