SAPTA is an acronym for Support for Addictions Prevention and Treatment in Africa. The organization was registered as a Kenya nonprofit organization in March 2004 under the name of SAPTA Trust. At inception, the objectives of SAPTA were provision of educational programs for addiction counselors; running of community based prevention programs; advocacy for greater access to treatment; promotion of professionalism in the addiction field through strengthening and capacity building for treatment centers; and outpatient treatment.

SAPTA has focused on alcohol and drug substance use disorders (SUD) and especially their relationship to HIV and AIDS.  SAPTA will also address what is called “behavioral addictions,” which are pathological gambling, sex and pornography addictions and other such addictions.   SAPTA is moving into an expanded vision and mission to include addressing also mental disorders and a trauma-informed approach.  Many people with Substance Use Disorders often also suffer from some mental disorder such as depression, trauma (Post Trauma Syndrome Disorder) and anxiety disorders.

It is also among the few organizations specializing in offering substance abuse prevention and treatment programs.  For a long time, substance addiction and its link to other social economic problems such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, crime and disintegration of social structures has been ignored thus leaving a huge gap in provision of social services by government agencies and other actors. SAPTA existence is therefore aimed at addressing substance abuse and related problems in the society by coming up with evidence based and quality programs built on basic overarching prevention and treatment principles.