SAPTA programs provide a WHO guided comprehensive Harm Reduction Service for People Who Inject Drugs(PWIDs) in Nairobi County.  This is done through an Outreach/Peer led Model program.  SAPTA has 3 outpatient Drop-In-Centers in Pangani, Githurai and Kayole areas of Nairobi under the Global Fund Program through the Kenya Red Cross.  These centers reach a total of 513 women and 3402 men.  These clients are reached with Behavioral, Structural and Biomedical interventions:

Behavioral Interventions

  • Peer Education and Outreach
  • Promotion, Demonstration and Distribution of male and female condoms
  • Provision of Information, Education and Communication material
  • Risk Assessment and counselling
  • Prevention counselling
  • Evidence based interventions
  • Addiction counselling
  • Health education sessions
  • Support groups

Biomedical Interventions

  • HIV Testing and counselling
  • Anti-retroviral therapy (PEP)
  • Needle and Syringe program
  • TB screening and referral for treatment
  • Medically Assisted Therapy referral and follow up
  • Comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services
  • Viral hepatitis screening, vaccination and treatment
  • Management of minor ailments

Structural Interventions

  • Nutritional Support
  • Hygiene Services
  • A safe space and entertainment