SAPTA internships will expose you to the complexities of Africa’s mental health care system. Our internship placements are culturally appropriate and will give you unique access to counselling and social support services in Kenya and East Africa.

Other advantages of counseling internships in East Africa include considerations such as:

  • Knowing you’re helping where it’s needed most – By using your skills to uplift and empower individuals and families that struggle with addictions you’ll be giving invaluable hope and support. As a trainee counselor, you’ll find endless opportunities to assist those in need of guidance.
  • Building an impressive practical resume – Theoretical knowledge is vital for a solid foundation and understanding of counseling, but there’s no substitute for real-world learning. When you take an internship, you’ll be placed in authentic situations that will require you to draw on and apply what you’ve learned and use the hours to count towards your professional degrees.
  • Exposure to various different scenarios – A counselor needs to be able to adapt to a wide range of situations. The advice you’d give to a physically traumatized teenager is not the same as what a pensioner needs when he’s lost his life savings. Your time in SAPTA will allow you to apply and build your knowledge in diverse circumstances.

Counseling & psychology internship highlights from SAPTA Alumni:

“I participated in a psychology internship in SAPTA and the highlight of my internship was being given the ability to shadow the therapy sessions going on in the clinic. In addition, I felt as if I was an equal to the staff – being able to observe everything they did and attending all of their meetings. It was great to receive that type of exposure for someone interested in psychology as a future career.” — Nikita Shah

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